The Black Forest

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The Black Forest

A Travel Guide for the Black Forest

Spending holidays in Germany is an awesome and an exciting idea for travelers. The reason is because the country offers people with the best tourism climate including welcoming and accommodating residents, good political and economic environment, and fantastic sceneries and destination. The Black Forest is one of the most spectacular tourism destinations in Germany where lovers of hiking, winter sports and forestry go to enjoy themselves to the maximum. The place is endowed with unpolluted natural forest with thousands of plant species that form a good canopy on the ground below. There numerous valleys, rivers, waterfalls, gorges, rocks and a coastline, not forgetting mountain peaks that include: Feldberg, Schauinsland, and Belchen.

There are numerous travel routes to The Black Forest for drivers since travel by road the commonly mean of transport, if not by air. The main route to the forest is the fast A5 or E35 motorway. It is the best because it has numerous signposts that guide people to the place. Also, the road has got scenic regions that people stop to view the countryside and take pictures. The other specialized route is the German Clock Route but it has fewer types of scenery apart from being a longer trip to the forest. People can also use another picturesque trip in the southern part of The Black Forest, although, it passes through tiny villages and wineries. This road provides passengers a calmer drive to the mountainous and forested region.

The Black Forest borders numerous historic countryside towns of Baden-Württemberg district which provides good accommodation for tourists who flock the region throughout the year. There is no need for reserving accommodation because there is enough accommodation for everyone. Truly, there are a lot of things people can do to enjoy themselves in the 6009square kilometer forest during their holiday in Germany!




Königssee is a natural lake within Bavaria States’ southeast Berchtesgaden Land district in German close to the Austrian border. A major part of the lake is in Berchtesgaden national park. Lake Konigssee is the most beautiful alpine lake in Germany. It lies just 2 miles south of Berchtesgaden town and it is the deepest and cleanest lake in Germany. Konigssee is about 8km long, but it is narrow.


Königssee was used for outdoor recreation even centuries in the back. It is within this area that Salzburg and Berchtesgaden rulers hunted. Recognized figures toured the area, for instance, Eva Braun loved sunbathing on the show while Adolf Hitler went boating on Konigssee. It was in the 12th century when the church of St Bartholoma was built. In the 16th century, the church was remodeled utilizing the domed style, an influence of the Ottoman architecture.


Visitors may move smoothly along the lake by an electric boat past the vertical mountain walls towards the Sankt Bartholoma baroque church then go ahead to Salet towards the southern end. At Sankt Bartholoma Church, you can get off and see the sights walking along the lakes edge. It is also possible to hike 6 km up towards the Ice Chapel. There is a restaurant near the church within the earlier hunting lodge. Fresh smoked fish from the lake is served during summer. Salet is a 30 minutes journey by boat from the church. At Salet, there is a smaller lake called the Abersee. You can walk around it for 15 minutes while you enjoy the tall Roth bath waterfall and the reflection of the tall mountains on the surface of the waters.


Königssee is one of the most beautiful places to spend quality time in the world. You can try new and different activities there and have an experience of a lifetime. It is easy to get there and there is classic accommodation hence life is good there.

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